Welcome! Thanks for your interest in chiropractic treatment as
a health care option. This web site is designed to provide you with
information about chiropractic, my practice, me as a person and
various bits of information on exercise and nutrition. Wishing you all
happiness, peace and great health. Feel free to browse.  
Two office locations:
San Jose at 875 Saratoga Avenue conveniently located just south of the 280 Freeway
Monday 10a to 5p /Wednesday 1p to 5p /Friday 10a to 5p and by appointment

Santa Cruz Mountains at 24900 Highland Way a continuation of Summit Road
Tuesday 10a to 5p / Thursday 10a to 5p and by appointment
Dr. Kristina Irvin is a natural health care provider committed to a high level of wellness. Her goal
is to help individuals enjoy increasing levels of health and well being through the idea that
individual's health exists on many levels. These levels include physical, biochemical and
spirtual/emotional, which are all vital to realizing optimal health. Dr. Irvin attempts to address all
these areas either personally or through referrals. We all have self-healing and self-repairing
systems which must be functioning to allow for prevention and cure of disease. Dr. Irvin
recognizes these systems aids patients in accessing them to the best of their ability. She
understands that these systems control the healing process and she believes that her role is to
support and guide this process. Therefore the patient must be involved in the treatment and
designing of a program to work towards healing and optimal health. Dr. Irvin encourages
questions and dialog concerning each patients health care. She also encourages home programs of
exercise, stretching, supplements, and positive attitude development. Each patient is respected as a
unique individual and treatment programs are designed accordingly. Lifestyle management is her
primary focus. She will encourage activities for strengthening, flexibility, dietary changes,
supplements to aid in pain relief and healing.
Types of cases treated

personal insurance, workers compensation, personal injury
sports injuries - acute and chronic
babies through senior citizens
spinal injuries, extremity injuries, headaches, muscle spasms
Treatments can include

chiropractic spinal and extremity manipulation
physical therapies including ultrasound and stimuation
soft tissue manipulation (massage)
Kristina Irvin, DC